Starting a Routine with your New Hubby!

Someone once told me that when you go in to the doctor to take a stress test, the first three questions they ask you are, “1. Have you recently moved? 2. Do you have a new job? 3. Are you planning a large event?”  It didn’t take me long to answer all three of them… yes, yes and YES!  Within the past 3 months I have moved apartments, started a new job and got married – to top it all off… I also turned 30. My life has been utter chaos and for being a newly wed, my husband and I have not had a single chance to enjoy matrimony.  That is why we decided that we need to get our shit back together and force ourselves to set a well balanced, daily routine now that we have moved and (almost) finished unpacking.  That is why we decided it is time to start fresh, begin this married life together right and start a very new routine!

Can you remember the last time you had to start a new routine?

Creating a routine is never easy for anyone.  Can you remember the last time you had to start a new routine?  I bet you that it was difficult, frustrating, exhausting and down right despicable.  At least that is how I remember having to start my last routine.  So when my husband suggested we begin a new routine so we can try to get back to our energetic and happy lifestyle, we had to get back to the basics – I was scared to say the least.  For days and weeks he has been trying his best to get me on board and I finally agreed this evening.  In order to convince me that this miserable time would be worth it – but there is one caveat… I am going to record a every step of the journey.  So here it goes…

Monthly calendar has recently been hung!

You are probably thinking, “So what’s this ultimate, magical plan of yours?”
*side note: We have never done this before and this is not guaranteed to work*
That’s a great question – for the next 6 weeks, we will be selecting 1 aspect of our routine to nail down.  But until it can get anymore complicated, we decided that to make a list and post it would make us accountable.

So here are 6 steps to create a well balanced household:

  1. Wake up at 6am every morning without hitting snooooooooooze
  2. Weekly meal prep to have 5 lunches and 5 dinners at our fingertips for the work week
  3. Work out 4 days a week – incorporating running in hopes of training for another half marathon
  4. Go to sleep by 11pm together every night
  5. Take one walk a day together with the dog
New routine list right above the coffee!

For the first week, we decided to go easy – we choose number 5, take one walk with the dog together every night.  Fingers crossed!!

What kind of new routine have you recently started?