What, I lost weight… Are you sure?!

Date: May 10th, 2016
Weight: 136.4 Lbs (-3.6 in two weeks, -39.6 overall)
Left-over points from last week: -19 active points left over (I blame it on the new job… makes an easy out LOL)

Last weeks five goals:

  1. Drink at least 72oz of water a day CHECK
  2. Hit a minimum of 10,000 steps a day FAIL
  3. Fit in at least 3 days of cardio in the next week DOUBLE FAIL
  4. No munching extra food if my smartpoints are up at the end of the night TRIPLE FAIL
  5. Get at least 6 hours of a sleep a night QUAD FAIL (but because of a work trip, I SWEAR!)

Let’s start this off by telling nothing but the truth, the whole truth… Getting back into the swing of WeightWatchers has not been an easy task for me (if you missed it, make sure to read all about my rollercoaster of weight-loss hell).  Not only have they started a whole new program with SmartPoints (still don’t get, I don’t ever know if I will) but my points are mixed up, I have a new start weight which is WAY WAY lower than my original weight and my former self control has jumped out the window apparently.  Side note: These are not the reasons for failing to write a blog post last week, that was strictly due to the fact that I started a new job (different post for another day… so you’ll have to patient I am afraid).  Needless to say that I would have rather hidden in a corner some where than have to go to this weeks meeting.  But I pulled up my bootstraps and I pulled myself through that door.

As the line grew shorter and I was coming face to face with the scale, I told myself that this is just week 2 and I need to learn to not be so hard on myself…. with EVERYTHING!  Before I knew it, it was my turn to step to the counter.  Instead of going up slow and cautiously, I decided that I wanted bad news as fast as possible so I jumped right up and waited for the result.  To my surprise I was another 1.4 pounds down (still convinced that the scale was in accurate that day LOL)!  Now I can look back at the last week and tell myself, “Yeah you screwed up, deal with it already!  You are down, you must be doing something right!”

As I mentioned above, I have started a new job and although that shouldn’t be the reason for my mistakes last week – I have been eating out a lot more and not paying too much attention to what I’ve been eating.  Good thing this week’s meeting was all about making a plan to correct your hiccups!  Another slam dunk for Weight Watchers!

This weeks five goals:

  1. Drink at least 84oz of water a day
  2. Hit a minimum of 10,000 steps a day
  3. Fit in at least 3of cardio + 1 day of hiking days in next week
  4. Don’t use any activity points or go over my weekly allottment
  5. Get at least 6 hours of a sleep a night

I guess life can swing some curveballs, that’s what makes it so interesting!  What is a recent curveball that you had to deal with recently, good or bad!


One thought on “What, I lost weight… Are you sure?!

  1. I’m following you 🙂 Just started Weight Watchers recently myself and have been blogging about it too. Come check out my blog @ hownowjosephine.wordpress.com. I’ll be adding another post soon about how I’m doing. Good luck to you on your weight loss!

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