Scandinavia: Gothenburg

Gothenburg was on our itinerary, but we hadn’t booked anything yet because we didn’t know if we would want to stay in Copenhagen, go to a different city, or what. That morning, we even briefly considered catching a flight to London and spending the rest of our trip there as that’s where our layover heading back would be anyway. But we decided to stick to the plan and head to Sweden.

We took a late morning train from Copenhagen to Gothenburg. I slept the whole way as I woke up feeling sick. The hotel we booked, The First Hotel G, was conveniently and oddly enough located in the train station. Pretty nice hotel with a gym, sauna and free breakfast (my favorite).

I was still feeling a bit sick, so we went for a mild dinner at an Italian restaurant, Joe Farell’s, where I got a basic Caesar salad. Then I went back to the room for a little r&r.

The next morning we headed out to the museums. We went to the Stadsmuseum where there was a Viking exhibit and an awesome temporary exhibit on Swedish music. We purchased the Museum Discount Card which gives you entrance to five museums for the price of one museum ticket entrance (Skr 40, about $5 USD). The museums included are: Stadsmuseum, Konstmuseet, Röhsska Museet, Sjöfartsmuseet and The Naturhistoriska Museet. You can buy it at any of the museum ticket offices.

The Swedish music exhibit was pretty sweet. There were drums and other instruments to rock out to, album covers lining the walls and band memorabilia, including that of one of my 90s favorites Ace of Base. I put on the headphones that hung from the wall and was briefly transported back to middle school, sitting on my bed listening to my cassette player.

There was also a room where you could pick a dance style and you were supposed to try and do it, kind of like DDR! I was not very successful at breakdancing. 😆


Making our way over to the Konstmuseet we saw a greenhouse and took a few minutes to enjoy the plants and get some extra fresh oxygen.

The Konstmuseet was a wonderful art museum with a large variety of works including some of my favorites Matisse, Van Gogh, Picasso, Braque and Monet.

I was fixated by this piece for a good few minutes. I wish I had recorded more of it. The artist is Daniel Von Sturmer.


And I found this random unicorn in a painting quite tickling.


Our tummies were starting to grumble, so we set out to look for some Swedish meatballs, which was not an easy feat! We walked to Smaka which apparently has “top notch Swedish meatballs (husmanskost)“, but it was closed for lunch. We circled back to another restaurant, no luck. Then we walked to another area of town in hopes of meatballs and found Saluhallen, a covered market with food stalls and we found exactly what we were looking for!

The stall we eat at was Kåges Horna. We got the meatballs and the soup of the day (a creamy shrimp soup). They hit the spot. The lingonberries are what made the dish for me! They added a sweetness and tartness that cut the heaviness of the gravy and meat.


We went in a few shops, then walked to Skansen Kronan, a fortress on a hill in the Haga district to get a view of the city. We saw what we thought was a path in the woods that looked like it lead to a paved path. Though it was muddy from the rain, we thought we’d take this shortcut as the beginning of the path was not in our line of sight. We ended up scaling the muddy hill all the way up. 😂


After the mini hike, went back to the hotel to relax a little, look for a place to get seafood for dinner and escape the hail.

It was rainy, cold and damp when we headed out to dinner, so despite our streak of walking everywhere despite the weather we decided to take a cab the 8 minute drive to dinner. Big mistake! The short cab ride cost $30, nearly 1/2 the cost of our dinner (it probably would have been $50, but the driver paused the meter for whatever reason thank goodness! Maybe he heard my grumbling in the back seat.🙊 )

Travel tip: Walk or take public transportation. It’s the easiest way to save money, get exercise and explore areas you might not have otherwise discovered.

Sjöbaren had a modern, refined wharf atmosphere. We were seated upstairs where it was quiet. We ordered a lobster appetizer and I had the small plate of shrimp for my main course. The waiter was very pleasant and accommodating, he even asked the kitchen to grate some fresh horseradish so I could make my own cocktail sauce. Now that is good service!

My shrimp were little and delectable, tasting different than American shrimp with a slight lobster texture and taste.

The star of the meal with the dessert, princesses cake (prinsesstårta in Swedish). Ever since I saw it on The British Baking Show I had to find it and try it. It’s presentation was modern and lovely. It consists of it’s classic layers of cake, raspberry jam, the iconic green marzipan, and whipped cream. Scrumptious indeed! I would have licked the bottom if I could, but unfortunately it was a small jar. 😂




Gothenburg is a nice city with lots museums and culture to explore. Make sure to find some classic Swedish dishes and seafood. Whatever you do, don’t take a cab, it’s too expensive!

Stay tuned for my last stop back to Oslo. Follow @enjoisundae on Instagram for sneak peeks and more!

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