Scandinavia: Oslo, Bergen and Flam

I like to take some kind of international travel about every 6 months. Get away from the daily grind, free my mind and explore new places. This time I’m taking on Scandinavia for 10 days.

My itinerary

Oslo | Bergen | Flam | Copenhagen | Goteborg

Oslo, Norway

It was a brisk and sunny day. Everyone sporting their puffy jackets. We [the boyfriend and I] took a stroll by the harbour near city hall.

Then headed to the national gallery to get an art fix. The museum is known for holding Edvard Munch’s The Scream. There were also many famous paintings by Picasso, Braque, Manet, Cezanne and Matisse,  as well as many Norwegian artists. A great variety of art that anyone could appreciate. One unique thing this museum had was a room where anyone can come and sketch the sculpture. Being the art major that I am, I took a few minutes to do a quick sketch. (Made me want to take up another drawing class, it’s been about 7 years.)

After a quick bite, we headed back to city hall to take a look inside. Each year, Oslo’s city hall hosts the novel peace prize ceremony. The murals that fill the building truly evoke humanism.

We walked back down the harbour and sat down to enjoy the views and sunshine. Then went to check out the Opera house before catching our late afternoon train to Bergen.

Off to Bergen!

It was a nearly 7 hour ride to Bergen from Oslo on the NSB train. I took a little snooze then admired the  vast snow covered landscape out the window. It was beautiful. A majority of the passengers were off for a weekend of cross country skiing! Wish we had known about that!


We arrived in Bergen around 10:30 pm. It was just getting dark. We checked in to our hotel (which is a story in itself… Some of the hotel employees were on strike lead us to stay in 2 different hotels Scandic Bergen City and Scandic Neptun… 3 rooms if you count the first smoke filled one we refused to stay in.) Despite the debockle the rooms were acceptable. And the free breakfast spread was lavish and definitely made up for the hassle! They even had the brown Norwegian goat cheese, brunost (I wasn’t a fan, but I tried it!)


Flam and the fjords

The next morning we caught the 8:43am train to Flam for some fjord action. With one transfer in Myrdal it takes about 3 hours to get there. We grabbed a quick bite of Norwegian stew, then set off on what was supposed to be a hike to a waterfall. The weather changed a few times from snow, to wind, to sun and back again. We never did make it to the waterfall because we couldn’t find the path up. We blame the construction and the poor signage. Oh well, it was still a nice little hike to keep the blood flowing on the chilly day.


After our hike, it was time to see the fjords in all their glory. We took the fjordsafari tour where you take a rib boat (speed boat) through the fjords. We got suited up and we were on our way!

Being on the water with such large mountains on either side of you was truly amazing. It’s hard to believe how people physically settled here so long ago, but the beauty of the fjords is one good reason why.

Thank goodness for the suits it was freezing on the boat and snowed at one point!


Before taking the 6:30pm train back to Bergen, we grabbed a quick, but quite large bite to eat. The pork shank I ordered was truly Viking sized!


It was another beautiful sunny day in Bergen! We went down to the harbor and took a walk around the historical area of Bryggen where we saw a few cats and some awesome graffiti. We walked to the second pickup of the funicular and took it up to Floyen where there were amazing views. Then walked back to get some exercise before finding a place to eat for lunch.


We headed back to Bryggen where we had seen a quaint looking cafe earlier, Bastant. It far exceeded our expectations. The atmosphere and decor were perfect and the food was delightfully delicious! Yummy!


We did some more wandering after lunch and came across an art gallery, Vault Studios, where I fell in love with a screen print of a cat on wood, which was unfortunately sold, but was lucky enough that they had a print of it! It is by an underground Italian artist, Ten, whom I am yet to find anything about online.

The next morning checked out the Fisketorget (Fish Market), then caught the Flybussen bus to the airport and were off to Copenhagen!


The fjords are a must! I highly suggest them as something to do in your lifetime. Bergen was a lovely town and I could easily have stayed another day. It is cold and windy, so bring a jacket and be prepared for snow.

Check out the rest of my Scandinavian adventures in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and back to Oslo!

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2 thoughts on “Scandinavia: Oslo, Bergen and Flam

  1. What a wonderful tour by laptop. The image with the 3-D water looks like it’s going to drip down my page. Very cool. I also like the image of food. There’s a white bowl that has what looks like either turnip or sweet potato in it. The latter would be right up this vegetarians alley. Mouth-watering and delicious!

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