My Journey to a New Lifestyle… Attempt #4

Since I was very young, I had always struggled with my weight.  I may have been a junior national diver, but my eating habits caused me to continue to stay just a little heavier than the norm.  Although it may sound cliche, I told myself time after time that today is the day that I am going to change and become healthy – but that day never came.  I kept starting a fad diet, doing it for about a week and then finding an excuse to cheat.

I told myself time after time that today is the day that I am going to change and become healthy

In 2005, I started my first go at Weight Watchers but only online.  It was only my second year at college and I was surrounded by people who didn’t care in the slightest what they ate, how much they drank or going to the gym.  I found myself paying for months of a program that I hadn’t even opened yet (see how I purposely didn’t say ‘app’… don’t forget it was 2005).  Eventually I got my lazy ass around to cancelling my subscription and moved on with my life.

Above – me in 2009, right before I moved to Amsterdam; Middle – 2011 at the beginning of gaining the weight back; Bottom – me at in 2013 and about to hit by second to highest weight, right before going to on Weight Watchers for the 3rd time228809_10100941322209593_2054635_n1010830_10103282273833773_1008635633_n

Next go was in 2010, I had just moved to Amsterdam.  After a very difficult break up with the guy I moved to this new foreign land with, I decided to give Weight Watchers one more try.  This time I was starting off with a tiny bit of a head start.  Since moving to the bicycle capital of the world, I had already lost about 10 pounds but still had quite a bit to go.  This time I lasted about 3 months and cheated my way through the whole process. Just like the time before, I had only signed up for the online program and had no motivation to track my food.  So I would put in what I think I had, did a total that was below my actual point allotment and then went drinking with my friends.  This happened all summer until I started my Masters.

I was a freaking CRIMINOLOGIST… wtf did I know about fashion?!?

Finally in 2013, I felt like I was ready.  I had gained back all of the weight that I lost from riding a bike +15 lbs or so.  Everyday getting dressed was a struggle as not only was I working in fashion now, I was the largest and oldest girl there BY FAR!!  I had no clue what I was doing there (pretty sure they didn’t either) and on top of that, I was a freaking CRIMINOLOGIST… wtf did I know about fashion?!?  In reality it was probably just my paranoia but I started to think that the girls I was working with were laughing at me in their head when they would see my outfits.  I remember coming home one day really sad and told my boyfriend (now husband) how upset I got myself everyday because I was worried about how I look.  Now of course, being the amazing boyfriend, he told me that I look amazing but if I wanted to do something about it – choose a plan and stick with it.  So that’s what I did, I found the one Weight Watchers store in Amsterdam and began attending their one class in English.  And… in the beginning I was doing really well.  We were going to the market instead of the grocery store, I signed up and completed my first (and only… LOL) half marathon and told all my friends what I was doing so they wouldn’t pressure me to eat.  Finally after 6 months or so of being on the program, we decided to move back to California.

Above – in 2014, we ran the Vienna half marathon and I was down 15 lbs; Below – the day before we moved back to California10622790_10152438809654773_4780757737975628721_n
We were back in California in September 2014, so now it is almost A WHOLE YEAR that I had been following the plan but… very loosely.  I was losing weight although I wasn’t working out, hadn’t been working for the few months before we left and I had just come off of a six week road-trip.  So in all fairness, I could’ve been a lot better but I felt good (I thought).  Second week off the plane and I had already been to my first meeting but still jobless.  We were living with my parents so my Mom helped by running with me a couple of times but when it came to food – not so lucky.  Her and my Dad really wanted to try but they liked their specific foods and since we were living with them, our meals were more times than not together.

Guess what… You are back up 15 pounds since the wedding.  So much for a lifestyle change!

I want to fast forward to January 2015 – I had a job and I was ENGAGED!  Now I had real motivation to keep up with Weight Watchers, I wanted to be the most beautiful bride in the world.  Well… I thought it would be easy.  In reality, I wasn’t able to go to any meetings anymore since every weekend was spent planning for the wedding, looking for a new apartment or traveling for work.  By May, I had lost my amazing streak of staying with the program and my credit card on the subscription expired.  Next thing I know it is April 2016 and I thought that I was being good – hitting and maintaining my goal weight.  But as always, the real world comes and bites you in the ass saying, “Guess what… You are back up 15 pounds since the wedding.  So much for a lifestyle change!”  Not sure about you, but for me this was the final straw.  I walked into Weight Watchers yesterday, signed up with a new account (since I was now deleted from their system) and determined to become a life time member!

Two months ago at our wedding.
So here is where we are now.  It is April 2015 and I am promising to make lifetime member at Weight Watchers.  As for the proof that I keep my promise, I will be making my journey into one that can be read by all – RIGHT HERE!  I will be telling the ups and the downs, the good and the bad, the easy and the hard and of course – the funny.  Can’t wait to share this experience with you!


You’ve heard my story behind my decision to face my faults and overcome a weakness.  What’s yours?



7 thoughts on “My Journey to a New Lifestyle… Attempt #4

  1. Congratulations on deciding to face this journey! It was the scariest moment of my life, but now I am 79 pounds lighter and couldn’t be happier! I am excited to see where your journey takes you!

      1. Awesome! Every time I “messed up” or “failed” a diet I did learn a lot about my self, although I wont be failing again!

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